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We love Funcol E-Collars! They are practical, easy to put on and the fun paw print design helps ease the owner’s alarm. Docteur Pascal – France
We chose to use Cosypad® in surgery room because their characteristics are optimal for the following needs :
isolation of animals on the table of surgery, management of the hypothermia, perfect fluids flow under the animal which remains dry and not soiled, comfort and stability of the animals.
I use Cosypad® in the recovery rooms, after surgeries. Cats or dogs always urinate in phase of awakening – because of pre-surgery perfusion – and it is always unpleasant to return an animal still wet to its owner. With Cosypad®, this problem is solved ! The cleaning is easy : under the shower or in washing machine. It is comfortable and soft for animals in the awakening, which never damaged it so far! Really an advantage for the daily use. Docteur Jean-Paul Zendali - Suisse