Anchored, rotating infusion fixation set that prevents the animal from tangling the tubing or blocking fluid flow. Ideal for fractious hospitalised patients.

• One base to attach to the cage equipped with double-sided tape for secure, fast attachment. Contains four holes to allow screwing into place.
• Two clasps that attach the infusion tubing to the base, allowing unlimited rotation.
• One 3 m length of sterile spiral PVC tubing with a Luer-Lock tip and a ring for attaching to the collar as needed.
• Perfuvet® Twist is easily attached to the cage; the base can be left on the cage and reused as often as necessary.
• The unlimited rotation prevents the animal from becoming tangled in the infusion set and blocking flow or requiring a time-consuming change of tubing.
• The spiral tubing allows ease of movement and prevents excessive pulling on the catheter.
• Saves time, improves safety of hospitalised animals, easy to use.
• Use on any size of animal (dogs, cats, rabbits…).

Sold as a kit (One fixed base, one clasp and three sets of single-use spiral tubing).

FT Perfuvet Twist EN

Ref: Sold: Model:
157450 x1 Perfuvet® Twist kit (1 base, 2 clasps and 3 sets of single-use spiral tubing)
157451 x3 Single-use spiral tubing
157452 x 3 clasp