2 injection sites Micro IV infusion set for very small animals (puppies, kittens, exotics).

• Luer-Lock hub at 5 cm from the first injection port making it possible to easily disconnect the infusion to move the animal.
• Flow regulator to refine the infusion.
• Calibration: 60 drops/mL.
• Extra-long 200 cm PVC tube.
• Two injection ports at 20 cm and 110 cm from the Luer-Lock connector.
• Convenient clear and flexible drip chamber to control the flow and to allow for easy priming.
• Sharp spike to ensure easy piercing of any bottle.
• Closable venting.
• Luer-Lock distal cap.
• Slide clamp fitted.

Supplied by box of 12 in an individual sterile bag.

Ref: Sold: Model: O/pack.
157398 Box of 12 Perfuvet® Micro Master case of 12 boxes.