Animal control Equipment 

Specialized in the manufacturing of animal capture equipment, Génia offers several articles to animal health professionals and animal rescue teams.

  • Lassos and tongs: catcher tong, reinforced or American telescopic lasso, aluminum lasso, quick or save
  • Capture landing nets: fixed and adjustable
  • Snake and reptile handling tools : restraint stick, hook for reptiles, snake tongs, reptile catching pliers, Transport case for reptiles and reptile bags
  • Traps and stretchers for transporting animals : stretcher, cage, hatches, Holding kennel
  • Body protection: animal capture gloves, protective gloves animals, protective gloves for cats, birds of prey gloves, special for monkeys and raptors
  • Holding of capture: protective cuff, polycarbonate shield, protective gloves, protective jacket, overalls

Equipment for catching stray dogs and cats

To order good stray animal capture equipment, our platform offers quick release catchpole that is developed and tested by demanding professionals.

Indeed, our expertise and know-how are your guarantees to buy efficient and reliable animal capture tools.

You will find in our catalog a large choice of catch lassos, a kennel for pre-quarry, transport cage, nets, protective suit, etc.

For the proper handling of stray animals capture equipment, it is necessary that you must have certain notions and have followed suitable training.