For animal rescue team equipment and zoo veterinary equipment, the French manufacturer Génia offers a wide choice of landing nets.

Moreover, Génia's range of landing nets is designed for intensive use, to bring you great reliability. Indeed, the fine mesh of the net will prevent animals from trapping their nails.

Available in different widths, the landing nets are ideal for catching juvenile animals, and small adults.

Besides, the black color of the net undeniably makes it easier to catch the animal.

Small animal catching net

Allowing for easy handling of small animals, the landing nets facilitate their maneuver for transporting or applying animal care. Génia also offers different models for reptiles, cats and aviary birds, chickens, pigeons, pheasants and ducks.

Indeed, the landing net is effective for catching stray cats, or after being climbed at the end of a branch. Thus, the person responsible for catching collects the animal in the landing net remotely, safely. Then, closing it prevents the animal from falling.

Besides, the landing net allows the cat to descend slightly to give him freedom or give him back to his master.

Finally, the cat and small animal landing net are ideal for capturing an animal in a tree or other delicate situation. Besides, the closing of the opening can be operated by sliding the handle.