This light, compact tattooing machine was designed for tattooing small animals using a multi-needle or a sing. This device can be used for many kinds of tattoos, such as the inner surface of a horses lower lip. It is also the ideal device for tattooing cats.

Its rotary motor provides regular oscillations. The device can be battery or mains operated, either way providing perfect needle penetration. It is powered either by a 230 Volt 50 hertz wall transformer providing 3 volts direct current, or by 3 AA batteries (LR6 alkaline). This machine has a finger switch at the end of the pen for quick on and off and a high level of comfort during work. The Junior YLG tattooing machine is regular and robust, requiring maintenance only of the needles and the adjustment bearing.

Supplied in a case with a bottle of black ink and one multi-needle and one single needle.