Remote injection equipment 

French manufacturer of animal capture equipment and accessories, Génia also offers :

  • Syringes and needles for pistols and guns
  • Projectors

Thanks to our know-how and our expertise, we can provide you with professional and efficient hypodermic materials. Indeed, all our achievements comply with the directives and legislation in force. Besides, our products are user-friendly and well-engineered, which assure safe working conditions, along with careful treatment of your animals.

Dart syringes and needles to capture animals

  • Remote syringes
  • 13 mm syringe and needles
  • 13 mm disposable syringes
  • 11 mm syringe and needles

Injection syringes can be reusable or disposable. Besides, the remote syringes are reusable injection syringes with dart collector after injection. Indeed, this system is easy to use. Also, it allows injections to be carried out safely and without taking any risks. It provides safe and silent working, comfortable handling, and good marksmanship.

Génia also offers needles adapted to syringes as well as stabilizers. Likewise, reusable syringes are made of either nylon or aluminum.

Hypodermic projectors for capturing animals

A supplier of capture and animal catch equipment, Génia provides you with a full range of hypodermic projectors and their accessories.

  • Gas projectors
  • Powder projectors
  • Compressed air powered projector
  • Blowguns
  • Accessories

Indeed, we manufacture projectors adapted to your needs. So, Génia can provide you a complete range of quick release catchpole: guns, pistols, accessories, and supplies.

Moreover, the hypodermic projector allows the capture or care of animals from a distance. Likewise, the projector will make it possible to put the targeted element or animal anesthesia to sleep. So using your shotgun and blowguns is easy. Also, administering tranquilizer becomes a simple task with the perfect animal care and control tool.