CO2 injection rifles 

French manufacturer of animal catchpole and animal rescue team equipment, Génia offers different models of projectors and hypodermic guns.

  • Gas projector: model 72 syringes 11/13 mm, model 70 syringes 11/13 mm, model 35N syringes 11/13 mm, model 50N syringes 11/13 mm
  • Accessories: graduated precision sights, 4 X 32 rifle scope, laser range finder, hand pump, red dot sight, laser pointer, CO² gas pocket charger for special 45 delta model, pressure chamber for special 45 delta model, the pouch of gaskets, ABS cases for projectors, primers, silicone grease, primer holder, cleaning kit, positioner and cartridge ejector, obturators for syringes and cannulas, 65 ml lighter gas refill, CO² capsule, capsule holder, reducers for barrels, barrels for projectors, wooden stock for model 35N, chamber shutter, revision of a gas projector, checks and tests, piston repellant
  • Powder projectors: model 60N syringes 13 mm, model 30N syringes 13 mm
  • Pneumatic projectors: 45 delta special 11 mm syringes, 45 standard delta 11 mm syringes
  • Blowguns: distinject 16 mm blowgun with extension, 11 mm mini-ject blowgun

Hypodermic capture equipment is offered to animal capture services, animal rescue team, zoo veterinary, and animal health professionals.

Projector and hypodermic rifle for capturing animals

The projector or hypodermic rifle for capturing animals is available in different models.

Used for a very long time, the hypodermic projector makes it possible to immobilize animals of all kinds temporarily.

It also allows an animal to be put to sleep from a distance to provide it with care or ensure its transport.

Finally, the hypodermic projector is also used for capturing animals at risk of aggression.