Professional quality, disposable, polyethylene protective gowns for cesareans, calving, ultrasound scans, embryo transplants and autopsies.

• Long funnel-shaped raglan sleeves with tight forearm cuffs to provide a good seal.• No back opening for better protection.• Long and spacious for kneeling.• Put on like a sweater, take off like a jacket after tearing it open from top to bottom.• Size according to length.

Supplied in bags of 24 units folded and individually packed.

FT Casaque EN

Ref: Size: Sold: Model: O/pack.
307880 130 cm Bag of 24 < 160 cm Master case of 6 bags
307882 140 cm Bag of 24 > 160 cm Master case of 6 bags
307884 156 cm Bag of 24 > 175 cm Master case of 6 bags
307886 165 cm Bag of 24 > 185 cm Master case of 5 bags