Concentrated bactericidal, sporicidal, fungicidal, virucidal and algicidal solution.

Stabilized aqueous solution of quaternary ammonium (45 gr/l) and 2 aldehydes glutaraldehyde and formaldehyde (150 gr/l) combined with different additives to potentiate the system. Meets AFNOR NFT 72170 and 72300 standards. Bactagen is free from chlorinated, iodized, phenolic and heavy metal compounds. It is compatible with organic, cationic and non-ionic compounds, but non-compatible with organic anionic compounds and strong acids and bases. Clear, colorless to pale yellow, foaming liquid. pH of 1% solution in water: about 7.5. Non-flammable. To be diluted in water to 1% (10 ml per litre of water). Soaking time 5 minutes. Does not damage stainless steel.

Ref: Sold: Model: O/pack.
317230 Unit 1 L bottle - 2% dilution Master case of 6 units
317232 Unit 250 mL bottle - 5% dilution Master case of 12 units
317234 Unit 5 L container, ready to use Master case of 4 units