Proteolytic alkaline detergent (pH 10.5) for pre-disinfection and immersion cleaning of medical and surgical instruments, heat-sensitive endoscopic devices and catheters, before chemical disinfection or sterilization.

Composition: didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride, proteolytic enzyme, calcium carbonate sequestrant, non-ionic surfactant. Bactericidal and yeast-killing agent. Alkazyme attacks and eliminates the bacterial biofilm consisting of proteins and substance secreted by microorganisms adhering to surfaces and colonized by the bacteria. Can be used in ultrasound cleaners and washing machines. Soaking time: 15 min in water at 40°C , open surgery instruments. Dilution: 0.5%, equal to 200 l of solution per kg.

Safety data - Alkazyme

Ref: Sold: Model: O/pack.
317247 Bag of 12 Single dose packets 12 x 20 g Master case of 42 units
317248 Unit 750 g bucket Master case of 6 units