Product Description

• Reduces the pressure exercised on muscles and articulations for an optimal comfort and the prevention of bedsores.
• Hygienic, liquids are evacuated under the pad leaving the animal dry.
• Do not retain hairs.
• Good aeration allowing a better healing of wounds and a better thermoregulation.
• Hypoallergenic material, odorless, antibacterial and with memory effect.
• Very resistant, rot-proof and insulating.
• Washable:
– in a washing machine at 60 °C with a bleach pellet.
– with a disinfection spray by soaking in an appropriate solution.
• Fast drying.
• Use :
– in hospitalization cages
– on consultation tables
– on veterinary surgery
– during post-operative wake up stage
– descaling, fast evacuation of liquids
– in kennels

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3 – 55 x 71 cm


505 g




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