Product Description

• Easy and fast to fit.
– Propal can be adjusted to all body types by softening the hoops in hot water at 60°C for 30 seconds.
– The rods can be fixed on the hoops in three positions, according to the animal’s measurements.
– Clips for fixing the disposable rods to prevent them from being torn out.
• Extra clips set.
• Cost effective, requiring less frequent dressing changes.
• It doesn’t change the animals’ lifestyle: they eat, move and sleep normally.
• Comfortable, practical and well accepted by animals and their owners. The Propal values the veterinary act.
• The only device that prevents animals from scratching with their back legs.
• Display unit holds two braces of each size.

Supplied in individual bag with instructions for use.

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9 g




Set of 6 clips, sizes 0 to 3

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