Gas projectors 

French manufacturer of animal catchpole, Génia offers high-performance gas projectors in the hypodermic equipment category.

So, you will find in this category:

  • Gas projector model 72 11/13 mm syringes: folding model allowing long range shots up to 50 m
  • Gas projector model 70 11/13 mm syringes: top-of-the-range model, allowing long-range shots up to 70 m
  • Gas projector model 35N 11/13 mm syringes: small model developed for all situations allowing long-range shots up to 40 m
  • Gas projector model 50N 11/13 mm syringes: versatile model developed for all situations allowing long range shots up to 50 m. this model is used worldwide for the capture of all types of animals

Also, gas hypodermic rifles can grant accessories, such as a telescopic sight or a laser pointer.

Gas projector to capture stray animals

A priori, this type of propellant uses compressed carbon dioxide. Besides, it is stored in an interchangeable reserve.

Thus, the gas projector launches light syringes. Furthermore, these contain liquid maintained under pressure by a spring. So a small plastic shutter at the end of the needle ejects, upon impact, on the skin or leather of the animal. So it can release the liquid.

On the other hand, gas thruster has a minimum range of 40 meters. However, your manufacturer Génia recommends using it at a distance of 40 to 70 meters depending on the model.

Besides, the length of the barrel, telescopic and graduated, impact the shooting distance.

Eventually, the hypodermic syringe should attach to the muscle mass of the animal. So, you should aim for the neck, shoulder, or thigh.